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Are You tired of reading unclear informatics formulas? Contact us. We can speak usual language.

Partnerhosted- IT company

From many years Partnerhosted from Poznan has been delivering you professional IT services. Since the beginning of our existance we have been supporting companies development by launching IT systems and providing IT care. We have been ensuring complex service by needs analysys up to controlling launched or already existed IT systems. Individual customer approachhas been resulted creation of many succesfull cooperations. Matching our offer to your needs we are launching individual solutions  ensuring by that the highest standards of services. Enjoy intrudicing the full offer of Partnerhosted.

Outsourcing IT services

Ensuring of systems’ and applications’ maintenance as well as administration with usage of our knowledge, competences and sources in such a way to provide Clients an information security, an infrastructure, links, licences, a qualified staff and a support for employees.

Outsourcing of computers and applications

Service support for computers, applications, peripheral devices and managing of Clients’ enrolment area.


Internet services are under the control

– personal “cloud” with access to files (text documents, videos, music and photos), contacts, calendars from each month- via internet
– sharing files, calendars and photos inside cloud and between groups and individual users, as well as publicly
– synchronization of chosen catalogues between computers and “cloud” for clients of Windows, Mac OSX, Linux, devices with systems Android and iOS
– heightened security what gives a possibility to code files
– service of version the files and wastebasket for removed files- they let everyone always come back to previous version

Implementations of informatics solutions

They consist of:
– consultancy during choosing a correct solution based on needs analysis,
– preparing of projects which predict optimal solution,
– delivery, installation and configuration of devices and software
– after sales support

Software lease

Ensuring a possibility of computer lease including necessary software.

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Outsourcing usług IT
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Partnerhosted doradzili i zaimplementowali w naszej firmie system finansowo-księgowy Sage Symfonia. Dzięki dobremu planowi wdrożenia udało się przeprowadzić ten proces szybko i bezproblemowo.

Rene Xavier Gerard Domy Gerard Sp. z o.o.

Chcielibyśmy podziękować za pomoc i doskonałą realizację wdrożenia w naszym biurze. Partnerhosted pomogło nam uruchomić kolejne stanowiska pracy bez konieczności angażowania dodatkowych środków.

Waldemar Sadowski BUY.BOX

Współpracujemy z Partnerhosted ponieważ są specjalistami w przygotowaniu i wykonaniu wdrożeń Sage Symfonia. Partner imponuje wiedzą związana z oprogramowaniem finansowo księgowym Sage Symfonia Finanse i Księgowość oraz Sage Symfonia Kadry i Płace, dzięki czemu łatwiej jest mu się adaptować do naszych konkretnych wymagań.

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